Revolutionizing Productivity: 5 Must-Have AI Tools for Every Task

Revolutionizing Productivity: 5 Must-Have AI Tools for Every Task

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very important technology in today’s modern era. It is a technology that gives computers and machines the power to think for themselves. This technique is very much discussed nowadays. AI has brought a lot of changes in our life. This technique is used in every field.

Some AI tools have been created to use artificial intelligence properly, which take our life to a different level. Today we will tell you about some such 5 useful AI tools which are easily available and useful to us.


ChatGPT has been created by Elon Musk’s company OpenAi. This tool is very useful and completely free. This tool works on command. After creating an account on this, here you only have to give commands.


Like = Write an article about India, Write a short paragraph on India etc.

We can write Aticle, Paragraph, Poem, Song lyrics, Story, Video Script, Blog, etc. on any subject with the help of ChatGPT. With this we can get a lot of information and knowledge.


This AI Tool can generate Image on our command. Artists and advertisers get the most benefit from this. Midjourney is an AI powered tool. It is currently on Open Beta. A few days ago it was free to use (test) but due to its misuse it has been paid.

Midjourney - Revolutionizing Productivity: 5 Must-Have AI Tools for Every Task

Using it is quite easy. By visiting its website, you have to enter text details, after which it will generate the image for you accordingly.

Synthesia AI

Synthesia AI - 5 Must-Have AI Tools for Every Task

This AI Tool is mostly used by Video Content Creators. Because this tool can generate video on your command. You have to register by going to the website of synthesia AI and after that you have to choose Ai Avatar and enter your Video Script and later you have to choose AI Voice. After this your video will be ready.


WriteCream - 5 Must-Have AI Tools for Every Task

This AI Tool helps you in writing Story. This is an interesting tool. On writeCream you get more useful tools along with Story. First of all you have to download WriteCream’s App. Later the option of Story Writing has to be chosen. You have to type some essence of the story i.e. in short (about 10 lines) after that this tool will automatically create an Intreating Story for you.

This AI Tool is used to prepare a Video Script. After signing up on this website, you have to write short text about your video or choose the topic of your video. After doing this this tool will create Amazing Script for your video.

In this article you have been told about 5 Useful AI Tools. Which will make your daily work much easier. I hope you have got some useful and good information in this article.

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