Why Is Shillong Called the Scotland of the East 

1. Breathtaking Landscapes: Shillong's lush green hills, waterfalls, and misty landscapes resemble Scotland's scenic beauty.

2. Pleasant Climate: The cool climate of Shillong, reminiscent of Scotland's temperate weather, adds to the comparison.

3. Rolling Meadows: Shillong's rolling meadows, like those found in Scotland, offer picturesque views and a serene ambiance.

4. Colonial Influence: The British legacy in Shillong, with its colonial architecture and traditions, draws parallels to Scotland's heritage.

5. Golf Courses: Shillong boasts golf courses, a popular sport in Scotland, further contributing to the comparison.

6. Highland Culture: The rich cultural traditions, music, and festivals of Shillong echo Scotland's vibrant Highland culture.

7. Traditional Attire: The locals' traditional attire, like the Khasi women's elegant dress, has resemblances to Scottish kilts.

8. Love for Music: Shillong's passion for music and being known as the "Rock Capital of India" aligns with Scotland's music-loving reputation. 2. 

9. Tea Gardens: Shillong's tea gardens, reminiscent of Scotland's picturesque tea plantations, enhance the similarity.

10. Tourist Experience: Visitors to Shillong often describe its natural beauty and ambiance as akin to the Scottish countryside, earning it the moniker "Scotland of the East."

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