What To See and Do When Visiting Hampi  

Virupaksha Temple: Explore the ancient temple complex dedicated to Lord Virupaksha, a vibrant hub of rituals and history.

Vijaya Vittala Temple: Admire the iconic stone chariot and musical pillars in this temple dedicated to Lord Vittala.

Hampi Bazaar: Wander through the historic market street, a window to the past, lined with remnants of old shops.

Matanga Hill: Hike to the hilltop for breathtaking sunrise/sunset views of the Hampi landscape and the Tungabhadra River.

Hemakuta Hill Temples: Discover a cluster of small temples atop this hill, offering a panoramic view of the ruins.

Lotus Mahal: Marvel at the elegant, delicately designed palace, showcasing a blend of Indo-Islamic architecture.

Elephant Stables: Witness the grandeur of the stable complex that once housed royal elephants, displaying Indo-Islamic influence. 

Achyutaraya Temple: Explore this temple with intricate carvings and well-preserved architecture, capturing the essence of Hampi.

Coracle Ride on Tungabhadra River: Enjoy a serene boat ride in traditional circular coracles, soaking in the picturesque surroundings.

Rock Climbing: Engage in rock climbing on the boulder-strewn landscape, a popular activity for adventure enthusiasts. 

Anegundi Village: Visit the nearby village for a glimpse of rural life, ancient temples, and the Anjaneya Hill viewpoint.

Sunset at Hanuman Temple: Witness the sunset from this hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, offering a stunning vista.

Hampi is a treasure trove of historical and cultural delights, with its ruins, temples, and unique landscape offering an unforgettable experience.

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