Unveiling Udupi: A Journey through Scenic Delights 

Krishna Temple: Ancient and revered temple with intricate architecture.

Malpe Beach: Serene coastal spot with golden sands and fresh seafood.

St. Mary's Island: Pristine island with unique hexagonal basalt rock formations.

Manipal: Educational hub known for its vibrant culture and student life. 

Kaup Beach: Picturesque beach with a historic lighthouse.

Anantheshwara Temple: A religious site known for its spiritual significance.

Kapu Beach: Tranquil beach surrounded by lush greenery.

Pajaka Kshetra: Birthplace of philosopher-saint Madhvacharya.

 Udupi Museum: Showcasing local art, culture, and history.

Aadi Udupi: Traditional market offering local products and flavors.

Shimla’s Must-See Destinations for 2023 

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