Unveiling Stock Market Crashes: Beginner's Guide 

Great Depression (1929): Devastating crash, economic downturn, high unemployment. 

Black Monday (1987): Sudden crash, global stock price drop.

Dotcom Bubble (2000): Bursting of internet-based company bubble, stock decline. 

Global Financial Crisis (2008): Subprime mortgage crisis, worldwide market crash. 

Flash Crash (2010): Rapid and severe decline, followed by quick recovery.

COVID-19 Pandemic (2020): Market crash due to uncertainty and economic disruptions.

Investor Psychology: Panic, fear, and speculation drive crashes, highlighting emotional resilience. 

Market Volatility: Influenced by economic conditions, geopolitics, and investor sentiment. 

Risk Management: Diversification, asset allocation, and stop-loss orders help manage risks.

Long-Term Investing: Stock market tends to recover and deliver gains over time. 

Study stock market crash history, learn from the past, and adopt a patient and informed approach to investing. 

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