Unique and Cheap Places to Stay in India 

1. Homestays: Experience local hospitality and culture by staying with a local family in their home.

2. Backpacker hostels: Affordable and social accommodations popular among budget travelers, offering shared dormitories and common spaces.

3. Guesthouses: Small, family-run establishments that provide comfortable and reasonably priced accommodations.

4. Ashrams: Spiritual retreat centers that offer inexpensive or donation-based accommodations for those seeking a serene and introspective experience.

5. Campsites: Stay close to nature by camping in scenic locations, national parks, or designated camping grounds.

6. Eco-lodges: Environmentally-friendly accommodations that allow you to enjoy nature while minimizing your ecological footprint.

7. Dharamshalas: These are basic accommodations provided by religious institutions at nominal prices, often near temples or pilgrimage sites.

8. Volunteer accommodations: Some organizations offer free or low-cost accommodations in exchange for volunteer work, allowing you to contribute and save on accommodation costs.

9. Monastery stays: Experience tranquility and spirituality by staying in Buddhist monasteries, which often provide affordable lodging options.

10. Budget hotels: Look for locally owned budget hotels that offer clean and comfortable rooms at affordable prices, especially in smaller towns and cities.

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