Top Relaxation Weekend Getaways near Pune in November 

Mulshi: Immerse yourself in the serenity of Mulshi, where the calming lake and verdant surroundings invite quiet introspection.

Lavasa: Experience the planned tranquility of Lavasa, stroll by the lakeside, and savor moments of peace at cozy cafes.

Pawna Lake: Find solace by the shores of Pawna Lake, camping under the November sky and embracing the stillness.

Bhandardara: Let the beauty of Arthur Lake and the soothing sounds of Randha Falls create a symphony of peace for your soul.

Kamshet: Discover the quietude of Kamshet, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and the occasional whisper of paragliders above.

Lonavala: Embrace the cool November breeze in Lonavala, where mist-kissed hills and scenic views offer a perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Rajmachi: Trek to Rajmachi Fort and let the panoramic views become a canvas for quiet contemplation amid nature's grandeur.

Malshej Ghat: Lose yourself in the misty charm of Malshej Ghat, where the hills and waterfalls create a tranquil ambiance.

Matheran: Step into the pedestrian haven of Matheran, where vintage charm and serene walks invite you to unwind.

Karjat: Reconnect with nature in Karjat, where river views and nature trails offer a therapeutic escape.

As you embark on these getaways, let the gentle embrace of nature soothe your spirit and provide moments of calm in the midst of November's beauty.

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