Top 10 Weekend Gateways near and around Jaipur

Pushkar: Dive into the spiritual ambiance of Pushkar, where the tranquil lake and the bustling fair create a unique experience. 

Ranthambore National Park: Embark on a wildlife adventure near Jaipur; feel the thrill of spotting majestic tigers in their natural habitat. 

Ajmer: Soak in the cultural vibes of Ajmer, visit the revered Ajmer Sharif Dargah, and explore the city's historical charm. 

Sariska Tiger Reserve: Spend a weekend amidst nature, take a safari, and connect with the diverse wildlife of Sariska.

Neemrana: Indulge in a royal escape at Neemrana Fort Palace, where history meets luxury for a regal weekend getaway.

Alwar: Immerse yourself in Alwar's rich history, from its forts and palaces to the scenic Sariska Palace. 

Bhangarh: Brave the mysteries of Bhangarh Fort, feel the ancient tales, and experience the thrill of this haunted destination.

Shekhawati: Discover the artistic marvels of Shekhawati's painted havelis, where every fresco tells a story

Bharatpur: Unwind amidst nature at Keoladeo National Park, a paradise for bird lovers and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mandawa: Immerse yourself in the vibrant artistry of Mandawa's painted havelis, where every wall whispers tales of the past. 

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