Top 10 Tourist Places to Explore in Yamunotri 

Yamunotri Temple: The primary attraction, dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, nestled amidst picturesque mountains.

Surya Kund: A hot water spring where pilgrims cook rice and potatoes to offer at the temple.

Divya Shila: A rock pillar worshipped before entering the temple.

Barkot: A nearby town offering scenic views and a peaceful environment.

Hanuman Chatti: A starting point for the Yamunotri trek, known for its Hanuman Temple.

Janki Chatti: Another trekking base, featuring natural thermal springs.

Kharsali: A quaint village known for its ancient Shani Dev Temple and scenic beauty.

Saptrishi Kund: A high-altitude lake surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Surya Kund Trek: A trek that offers breathtaking vistas and a chance to connect with nature.

Bali Pass Trek: A more challenging trek for adventure enthusiasts, leading to panoramic views of the Yamunotri Valley.

Yamunotri, a place of natural beauty and spiritual significance, offers a serene escape in the lap of the Himalayas.

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