Top 10 Places To Visit In Indore 2023

Rajwada Palace: A beautiful old palace that tells stories from the past.

Sarafa Bazaar: A place with jewelry in the day and yummy street food at night.

Kanch Mandir: A special Jain temple made mostly of glass.

Lal Bagh Palace: A big palace with fancy rooms and gardens.

 ISKCON Temple: A peaceful temple with good food and cultural stuff.

Annapurna Temple: A unique temple for the goddess of food.

Chhappan Dukaan: A street with lots of tasty foods to try.

Nehru Park: A calm park for walks, boating, and kids' play.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: A place near the city to see nature and animals.

Krishnapura Chhatris: Old memorials with nice gardens and history.

These spots make it easy to enjoy history, good food, nature, and relaxation in Indore in 2023.

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