Top 10 Places In Cherrapunji That Should Be On Nature Lover’s List

Nohkalikai Falls: – Witness the majesty of Nohkalikai Falls, one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India. Surrounded by lush greenery, it's a breathtaking spectacle for nature enthusiasts.

Living Root Bridges: – Explore the living root bridges of Cherrapunji, marvels of bioengineering where tree roots are trained to form sturdy bridges over streams—an extraordinary blend of nature.

Mawsmai Cave: – Delve into the mysterious beauty of Mawsmai Cave, adorned with limestone formations and illuminated by natural skylights. It's a fascinating underground journey.

Dainthlen Falls: – Experience the raw power of Dainthlen Falls, surrounded by dense forests. The cascading waters and verdant landscapes create a serene atmosphere.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge: – Venture into the heart of the jungle to discover the Double Decker Living Root Bridge—a unique example of sustainable architecture.

Krem Phyllut: – For cave enthusiasts, Krem Phyllut offers an underground adventure. Traverse through its chambers and passages, marveling at the subterranean wonders sculpted by nature.

Thangkharang Park: – Enjoy panoramic views of the Bangladesh plains from Thangkharang Park. The lush greenery and the distant landscape make it an ideal spot for nature lover.

Mawkdok Dympep Valley Viewpoint: – Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Mawkdok Dympep Valley from this viewpoint. The rolling hills, deep valleys, and misty landscapes create a mesmerizing tableau.

Seven Sisters Falls: – Discover the Seven Sisters Falls, a series of segmented waterfalls surrounded by dense vegetation. The rhythmic flow of water and the verdant surrounding.

Winter Trekking in Kedarkantha, Uttarakhand: – Trek through Kedarkantha's snow-covered trails, each step a personal exploration of winter's allure amidst pine forests and pristine snowfields.

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