Top 10 'Must See' Places To Visit in Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake: Surrender to the serenity of this pristine lake, where the cool mountain breeze whispers tales of untouched beauty. 

Nathula Pass: Stand at the crossroads of nations, feel the crisp air, and let the breathtaking vistas bridge the gap between borders. 

Tsomgo Lake: Watch the mountains mirror their majesty on the still waters, and find solace in the quietude of this alpine gem. 

Rumtek Monastery: Lose yourself in the tranquility of sacred chants, intricate artistry, and the spiritual embrace of Rumtek's hallowed halls.

Kanchenjunga National Park: Traverse the living canvas of nature, where every step unveils the rich tapestry of Sikkim's flora and fauna.

Yumthang Valley: Dance with the colors of spring as the valley comes alive, a floral celebration amidst the towering peaks.

Pelling: Let the panorama of Kanchenjunga be the backdrop to your introspection, and explore the spiritual grace of Pemayangtse Monastery.

 Namchi: Walk the path of pilgrimage, feel the resonance of prayers, and stand in awe of the colossal Guru Padmasambhava overlooking the town.

 Lachung and Lachen: Traverse the charming villages, where the warmth of locals matches the beauty of the landscapes leading to Zero Point and Gurudongmar Lake.

Zuluk: Journey through zigzag roads that echo with the spirit of the Silk Route, where every turn tells a story and every view is a masterpiece.

Top Places to visit in Leh Ladakh 2023 

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