Top 10 incredible places to visit in Kerala for Picnic

Munnar: Wrap yourselves in the misty embrace of Munnar's tea plantations. Share laughter over a picnic amidst the rolling hills, creating moments .

Alleppey Backwaters: Glide through the backwaters on a houseboat, finding a quiet corner for a picnic. Let the gentle sway of the boat and the lull of the water weave a tapestry .

Vagamon: Amidst Vagamon's hills and meadows, lay out your picnic blanket. Feel the warmth of companionship as you enjoy local treats, creating a memory against the backdrop of nature's canvas. 

Wayanad: Explore the wonders of Wayanad together. Share a picnic near Soochipara Waterfalls, where the cascading water becomes a metaphor for the shared joy of discovery. 

Kumarakom: Along the shores of Vembanad Lake, share a picnic basket and stories. Watch the birds and boats, creating a simple yet profound connection with each other and the surroundings. 

Thekkady: Cruise on Periyar Lake, the gentle waves carrying with them shared smiles. Enjoy a picnic on the boat, surrounded by the rustle of leaves and glimpses of wildlife. 

Kovalam Beach: As the sun sets over Kovalam, share a seaside picnic. Feel the grains of sand beneath your feet, the waves joining in your laughter, and the sky painting a masterpiece overhead. 

Ponmudi: Amidst Ponmudi's misty hills, find a cozy nook for a picnic. Engage in conversations, breathe in the mountain air, and savor the simplicity of shared moments. 

Poovar Island: On the golden sands of Poovar Island, let the waves be witnesses to your picnic tales. Create a bond as enduring as the sands beneath, etched by the sea's rhythmic dance. 

Fort Kochi Beach: Unwind at Fort Kochi Beach, where the ancient nets echo tales of bygone eras. Share a picnic feast, the sea breeze becoming a gentle reminder of the timeless connections  .

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