Top 10 highest bungee jump in the world 2023

Macau Marvel: Dive off the iconic Macau Tower, 233 meters above the bustling city, for an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other. 

 African Adventure: Head to South Africa's Bloukrans Bridge, standing tall at 216 meters, and take the plunge surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.

Swiss Thrills: Feel the rush at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, a 220-meter leap amidst breathtaking alpine scenery.

Austrian Heights: Conquer your fears at Austria's Europabrücke Bridge, standing at 192 meters, offering a blend of architectural beauty and extreme adventure. 

Swiss Swing: Swing over the Niouc Bridge in Switzerland, suspended 190 meters above, providing a unique and heart-pounding bungee experience.

Nepal's Challenge: Take a leap over the Bhote Kosi River in Nepal, 160 meters above the raging waters, for a true Himalayan thrill. 

Last Resort Plunge: Brace yourself for a 160-meter jump at The Last Resort in Nepal, combining nature's beauty with an intense bungee jump.

Colorado Heights: Experience the Royal Gorge Bridge in the USA, a 321-meter dive into the majestic Royal Gorge, offering an unmatched American adventure.

Russian Heights - Sochi Style: Take the leap at Skypark, AJ Hackett Sochi, Russia, standing tall at 207 meters, providing a unique Russian touch to your bungee adventure.

Sochi SkyBridge Soar: Feel the rush at the Sochi SkyBridge in Russia, a 207-meter jump with panoramic views of the stunning Sochi landscape.

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