Top 10 Coldest Places in South India in December 2023

Picture families in Ooty, wrapped in warm clothes, strolling through its charming streets, the cool breeze creating moments of shared joy and laughter. 

In Coorg, envision couples sipping hot coffee amidst the mist-covered coffee plantations, finding warmth in each other's company as they embrace the cool atmosphere. 

Kodaikanal becomes a canvas for lovers taking leisurely walks around the lake, the chilly weather adding an extra layer of intimacy to their moments.

Families in Munnar gather around bonfires, the cool temperatures providing the perfect setting for shared stories and warmth. 

Wayanad transforms into a haven for nature enthusiasts, families exploring the hills together, finding solace in the cool embrace of the surroundings.

Yercaud becomes a destination for friends, bundled up in jackets, sharing laughter as they explore the hills and savor the cool December weather.

Nandi Hills becomes a retreat for Bangaloreans seeking a break, friends sharing a picnic as they enjoy the cooler climate away from the city.

In Araku Valley, imagine families wrapped in shawls, enjoying the serenity of the lush landscapes, the cool weather fostering moments of togetherness.

Ponmudi, with its mist-covered hills, becomes a romantic backdrop for couples, finding solace in the cool weather and each other's company. 

Coonoor invites individuals to introspection, the cool temperatures providing a serene environment for personal reflection amidst the scenic Nilgiris.

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