Top 10 AdSense Alternatives for New Bloggers 2023 Like a trusted companion, walks alongside new bloggers, offering contextual ads and a friendly interface for seamless monetization. 

AdThrive: Elevating your blogging journey, AdThrive acts as a supportive partner, delivering high CPM rates and personalized ad solutions to boost your revenue.

Ezoic: Your blog's AI sidekick, Ezoic intelligently optimizes ad placements, enhancing user experience while ensuring maximum earnings for you.

PropellerAds: A versatile ally, PropellerAds brings a variety of ad formats to the table, from pop-unders to push notifications, catering to your blogging needs. 

Infolinks: Infolinks, your unobtrusive companion, specializes in in-text advertising, seamlessly integrating monetization into your content.

RevenueHits: Your performance-driven teammate, RevenueHits adopts a pay-per-click model, ensuring your earnings align with genuine engagement.

Sovrn (Formerly VigLink): Crafted for your content-focused journey, Sovrn transforms regular links into monetizable ones, turning your blog into a revenue hub.

Bidvertiser: The accessible friend, Bidvertiser welcomes new bloggers with open arms, offering various ad formats and swift approval for a hassle-free experience. 

Skimlinks: Tailored for your niche adventures, Skimlinks transforms your product links into affiliates, turning your blog into a trusted shopping companion. 

BuySellAds: Your direct connection to advertisers, BuySellAds becomes your marketplace guide, providing transparency and control over your ad placements.

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