Tips for travel in India: How to save money on the road! 

1. Sleep Cheap: Embrace cozy guesthouses, funky hostels, and homestays for a budget-friendly slumber.

2. Street Delights: Savor mouthwatering street food delights that won't break the bank, while exploring local flavors.

3. Haggle Like a Pro: Sharpen your bargaining skills to snag sweet deals in bustling markets and with local transportation.

4. Thrifty Transit: Hop onto pocket-friendly public transportation options like buses and trains for affordable commuting.

5. Timing is Key: Score big savings by planning your trip during the off-peak season and unlock great discounts.

6. Local SIM Magic: Stay connected without burning a hole in your pocket by grabbing a local SIM card for cheap calls and data.

7. Free Wonders: Discover India's abundant free attractions – from serene parks to mesmerizing temples – for an unforgettable time.

8. Master DIY Adventures: Ditch expensive tours and channel your inner explorer by crafting your own itinerary with handy travel guides.

9. Water Warrior: Hydrate smartly by carrying a reusable bottle and quenching your thirst from reliable sources or using water purifiers.

10. Cash or Card: Be a flexible spender by carrying cash for smaller vendors and a debit card for convenience, saving on excessive fees.

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