Time Magic: Unlocking More Hours in Your Day! 

Pick What Matters: Focus on important stuff first, like sorting out your room before the fun stuff. 

Time Limits: Set time limits for tasks, like a game with levels – finish before the timer runs out. 

Bye-Bye Time Wasters: Cut out things that eat time, like too much TV or endless chatting.

Share the Load: Get help from others, just like cooking a big meal together. 

Time Chunks: Divide your day into parts for work, play, and chill time, like fitting puzzle pieces. 

 Polite No's: Say no to stuff you can't handle, like a friendly "Sorry, not this time."

Tech Timeout: Take breaks from screens to recharge, like a little tech vacation.

 Focus Moments: Work for a bit, then rest a bit, like a mini race followed by a breather.

Set Time Borders: Decide when you're available and when you need personal time, like your own superhero schedule.

One Thing at a Time: Do one thing well before jumping to the next, like a superhero's focus on a single mission.

Quick Helpers: Use tools that do things automatically, like a robot helper for chores.

Chill Time: Relax and recharge, like a spa day for your mind.

Energy Check: Do tough stuff when you're most awake, like a power-up time.

Let Go of Perfect: Don't aim for perfect, just get things done, like a finished puzzle, not a perfect one.

Look Back and Adjust: Think about how you used time and make tweaks for the next round.

Remember, small changes can add up to more time for the good stuff!  

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