Things to Do in Melbourne Australia for First Timers 

1. Explore Federation Square: Cultural hub with galleries, events, and dining.

2. Queen Victoria Market: Bustling market for fresh produce and local treats.

3. Discover Laneways: Hidden alleys with street art, cafes, and shops.

4. Visit Royal Botanic Gardens: Relaxing gardens for a peaceful stroll.

5. Take a tram ride: Iconic trams for city exploration.

6. Experience coffee culture: Indulge in Melbourne's renowned coffee scene.

7. National Gallery of Victoria: Art and culture in an impressive gallery.

8. Yarra River cruise: Scenic views and a different perspective of Melbourne.

9. Explore St. Kilda: Beachside suburb with Luna Park and vibrant nightlife.

10. Catch a sporting event: Immerse in Melbourne's passion for sports.

These concise points outline the diverse and exciting activities that Melbourne has to offer, giving first-time visitors a taste of the city's cultural, culinary, and natural highlights. 

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