Things to do in Madikeri, Coorg in India

Raja's Seat: Witness breathtaking sunsets from this iconic garden offering panoramic views.

Abbey Falls: Embrace the cascading beauty of the Abbey Falls, a mesmerizing natural wonder.

Trekking in Tadiandamol: Conquer the highest peak in Coorg and immerse in nature's splendor.

Coffee Plantations: Delight in aromatic coffee plantations, a sensory delight for coffee lovers.

Namdroling Monastery: Find solace in this serene Tibetan monastery, home to exquisite Buddhist art.

Explore Mercara Fort: Unravel history at the historic Mercara Fort, a relic of Coorg's past.

Rappelling at Chelavara Falls: Savor adventure as you rappel down the stunning Chelavara Falls.

Madikeri Fort: Step back in time at Madikeri Fort, an architectural gem and cultural hub.

Dubare Elephant Camp: Interact with majestic elephants in this unique wildlife sanctuary.

Iruppu Falls: Seek blessings at Iruppu Falls, a sacred spot amidst lush greenery.

Discover the allure of Madikeri, Coorg, as it weaves an unforgettable tapestry of nature, culture, and adventure!

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