Things to consider before travelling to Srinagar

Weather Check: Pack according to the season – mild summers, chilly winters.

Permits: Confirm if any permits are needed for specific areas.

Cultural Respect: Dress modestly, respect local customs, and ask before clicking photos.

Health Wise: Consult your doctor, carry meds, and stay hydrated.

Accommodation: Book in advance, read reviews, and secure a comfy stay.

Food Safety: Enjoy local cuisine wisely, stick to bottled/boiled water.

Sunset Magic: Watching the sunset over the valley was a moment of pure serenity.

Getting Around: Plan transportation – local guides, rentals, or public options.

Travel Insurance: Ensure coverage for medical emergencies and cancellations.

Nature Care: Preserve the environment, avoid littering.

Enjoy Srinagar's beauty while staying safe and respecting its culture.

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