These 10 Kashmir destinations are a winter wonderland

Picture the joyous laughter echoing on the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg, where families and friends gather for a delightful winter experience. 

In Pahalgam, imagine children building snowmen and families taking leisurely strolls along the frozen Lidder River, creating winter memories. 

Srinagar transforms into a cozy haven during winter, with locals sharing heartwarming stories on Shikara rides amidst the serene beauty of Dal Lake. 

Sonamarg's winter wonderland becomes a place of shared adventures, with friends experiencing the thrill of snow activities against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. 

Dachigam National Park in winter unveils a magical setting where families, bundled up in warm layers, embark on wildlife spotting adventures amidst the snow.

In Ganderbal, imagine the warmth of families huddled together, sipping hot beverages, while enjoying the frozen beauty of Manasbal Lake.

Yusmarg becomes a haven for solitude seekers, where individuals take reflective walks in the untouched snow, finding solace in the serene landscapes.

Aharbal's frozen waterfall invites locals and tourists alike to share the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, creating a sense of wonder and appreciation.

In Kupwara, imagine communities coming together to celebrate the winter season, with shared experiences by the frozen Wular Lake and snow-covered meadows. 

Shopian's winter charm invites locals to share the joy of seasonal traditions, from harvesting winter fruits to enjoying the beauty of snow-covered orchards, creating a sense.

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