The Vital Functions of Vitamins and Minerals 

1. Vitamin A: Illuminating Wellness Promotes healthy vision, supports dental health, and nourishes the skin.

2. Vitamin B: Energize and Thrive  Boosts immune function, aids in iron absorption, and fuels energy production. 

3. Vitamin C: Radiant Vitality  Strengthens blood vessels, enhances skin elasticity, acts as an antioxidant, and aids iron absorption. 

4. Vitamin D: Building Strong Foundations  Essential for strong and healthy bones, contributing to overall skeletal health. 

5. Vitamin E: Shielding Wellness  Offers protection against free radicals, supports blood circulation, and promotes overall well-being. 

6. Vitamin K: Clotting and Healing Power  Facilitates blood coagulation, aiding in wound healing and maintaining healthy blood. 

7. Folic Acid: Renewing and Nurturing  Supports cell renewal, crucial during pregnancy to prevent birth defects. 

8. Calcium: Building Strong Support  Essential for healthy teeth and bones, providing structural support for the body. 

9. Iron: Powering Strength Within  Builds muscle naturally, maintains healthy blood, and supports oxygen transport. 

10. Zinc: Strengthening the Core  Boosts fertility, supports immune function, and aids in growth and development. 

11. Chromium: Balancing the Energy Symphony   Supports glucose function, maintaining stable energy levels and overall metabolic balance. 

Unleash the power of these vital vitamins and minerals, nurturing your body from within for optimal health and vitality. 

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