The 11 Best Things to Do in New Delhi in 2023 

Explore India Gate: Iconic war memorial and a popular hangout spot.

Visit Qutub Minar: Marvel at the ancient tower and its intricate design.

Experience Humayun's Tomb: UNESCO site showcasing Mughal architecture.

Discover Red Fort: Explore the historic fort's grandeur and history.

Tour Lotus Temple: Meditate in the serene Bahá'í House of Worship.

Enjoy Street Food at Chandni Chowk: Savor local delights in Delhi's oldest market.

Visit Akshardham Temple: Marvel at the intricate carvings and cultural exhibits.

Explore National Museum: Discover India's rich history and artifacts.

Shop at Dilli Haat: Buy handicrafts, textiles, and traditional items.

Experience Raj Ghat: Pay respects at Mahatma Gandhi's memorial.

Discover Lodhi Gardens: Relax amidst historical tombs and greenery.

These activities offer a diverse and enriching experience of New Delhi's culture and heritage in 2023.

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