Secret Destinations In Kashmir You Didn't Know About  

Gurez Valley: Embrace alpine beauty in remote solitude, where nature reveals its untouched charm.

Bangus Valley: Traverse offbeat trekking trails, where meadows stretch as far as the eye can see.

Dachigam National Park: Encounter rare wildlife in the Himalayan embrace, a journey into the wild.

Aharbal Waterfall: Stand in awe of nature's power and find serene solitude in its breathtaking presence.

Tarsar-Marsar Lakes: Venture to pristine alpine gems, where every step is a trekker's dream come true.

Doodhpathri: Wander through the Valley of Milk, where lush meadows offer a soothing embrace.

Verinag Gardens: Step back in time amidst Mughal grandeur and natural springs, a blend of history and tranquility.

Sinthan Top: Embark on a scenic drive through majestic landscapes, where every turn reveals a new wonder.

Tulian Lake: Discover this hidden jewel nestled in high-altitude serenity, a place of breathtaking solitude.

Zanskar Valley: Dive into the remote beauty of this region and test your mettle with frozen river treks, where adventure knows no bounds.

Top Places to visit in Leh Ladakh 2023 

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