Places to Visit Near Munnar for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Devikulam: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Devikulam, where the emerald-green lake invites you to sit by its shores and reflect.

Anamudi Peak: Embark on an adventure to Anamudi, where the thrill of reaching the summit is made more memorable when shared with friends.

Mattupetty Dam: Create lasting memories as you paddle a boat on Mattupetty Lake with your family, surrounded by lush hills.

Attukal Waterfalls: Feel the misty spray of Attukal Waterfalls on your face as you hike hand in hand with your partner through the lush forest.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Go on a safari with your children and share their excitement as you spot diverse wildlife in their natural habitat.

Eravikulam National Park: Hold your breath together as you catch a glimpse of the elusive Nilgiri Tahr during a family wildlife adventure.

Marayoor: Discover the charm of Marayoor as you wander through its ancient dolmens and sandalwood forests, all the while learning about the local culture.

Echo Point: Laugh and shout out your heart's desires at Echo Point, enjoying the simple pleasure of hearing your own voice echo back to you.

Top Station: Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Western Ghats with your friends, sharing awe-inspired moments and taking photos amidst the Neelakurinji flowers.

Rose Gardens: Walk hand in hand with your loved one through the vibrant rose gardens, reveling in the sweet fragrance of the blossoms.

Tea Plantations: Join a guided tour of the tea estates with your curious children, giving them a taste of the fascinating world of tea production.

These personal touches will make your weekend getaway near Munnar even more special, creating memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

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