Picnic Paradise: Unveiling the Best Picnic Spots in Delhi 

Lodhi Gardens: Enjoy lush greenery, historical monuments, and serene ambiance for a perfect picnic. 

India Gate and Rajpath: Have a picnic near the iconic India Gate, with a view of Rajpath and beautiful lawns.

Garden of Five Senses: Experience a sensory delight with landscaped gardens, art installations, and picnic spots.

Nehru Park: Relax amidst nature, enjoy boating, and have a picnic in this sprawling park.

Deer Park: Spot deer, rabbits, and peacocks while enjoying a picnic in this tranquil park.

Hauz Khas Complex: Combine history with a picnic at Hauz Khas Fort and Lake, surrounded by lush greenery.

Sanjay Van: Explore the lush forest, encounter wildlife, and find a secluded spot for a peaceful picnic.

Millennium Indraprastha Park: Enjoy landscaped gardens, water bodies, and walking trails for a refreshing picnic.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary: Experience nature's beauty, birdwatching, and a riverside picnic at this sanctuary.

Damdama Lake: Take a day trip to this beautiful lake near Delhi for boating, adventure activities, and a picnic by the water.

Unveil the picnic paradise in Delhi with these top spots that offer a blend of nature, history, and tranquility for a delightful picnic experience.

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