In life, we often encounter different types of people, some of whom may not bring out the best in us.  

According to the wisdom of Chanakya, there are certain individuals whom we should be cautious about extending our help and support to.

The Deceptive: Watch out for those who wear masks, concealing their true intentions behind a friendly face. They might manipulate you for personal gain. 

The Ungrateful: Beware of those who take your kindness for granted. Despite your help, they rarely show gratitude or appreciation. 

The Envious: Stay away from people consumed by envy and resentment. They constantly compare themselves to others and try to bring them down.

The Untrustworthy: Trust is crucial, but some individuals repeatedly break promises and betray your confidence. Protect yourself from their deceit.  

 The Lazy: Avoid those lacking motivation, who refuse to put in effort to achieve their goals. Surrounding yourself with laziness can hinder your progress.  

The Arrogant: Steer clear of those who think they're superior to everyone else. Their excessive pride makes building meaningful connections difficult.

The Greedy: Be cautious around individuals always chasing material possessions. Their insatiable desire for more can lead to selfishness. 

 The Manipulative: Watch out for those who cunningly use others for personal gain. They exploit vulnerabilities and twist situations to their advantage.

 The Dishonest: Beware of individuals who consistently lie and cheat without remorse. Establishing trust becomes challenging with them.

 The Selfish: While self-care is important, be wary of those who consistently prioritize their own interests above all else. Surround yourself with people who value and support you.

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