My 5 AM Morning Routine: Things I Do Before 8 AM

5 am - Wake Up: Rise early to start the day with a fresh mindset. 

5:15 am - Hydration: Drink a glass of water to kickstart hydration.

5:30 am - Exercise: Engage in a light workout or yoga session for energy.

6 am - Meditation: Practice meditation for mental clarity and focus.

6:30 am - Healthy Breakfast: Enjoy a nutritious meal to fuel the day.

7 am - Planning: Set daily goals and priorities for increased productivity.

7:15 am - Reading: Spend time reading books or articles to expand knowledge.

7:30 am - Journaling: Reflect on thoughts and jot down gratitude or insights.

7:45 am - Personal Care: Attend to grooming and dressing for the day.

8 am - Ready for Work: Start work or other activities feeling refreshed and prepared.

This routine helps me begin the day positively and accomplish important tasks early on.

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