Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit In Dehradun In 2023

1. Robber's Cave: Explore the intriguing natural limestone cave formation and enjoy a refreshing walk through the cool waters.

2. Mindrolling Monastery: Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of this renowned Buddhist monastery, adorned with intricate Tibetan architecture.

3. Tapkeshwar Temple: Seek blessings at this sacred temple located in a serene cave, where water droplets continuously drip on the Shiva Lingam.

4. Sahastradhara: Witness the awe-inspiring "Thousand-fold Spring" with its therapeutic sulfur-rich waterfalls and rejuvenating pools.

5. Forest Research Institute: Admire the colonial architecture and lush gardens of this premier institute, housing a fascinating museum and botanical garden.

6. Malsi Deer Park: Encounter wildlife, especially deer, in their natural habitat while strolling through this picturesque park.

7. Rajaji National Park: Discover the diverse flora and fauna of this national park through thrilling jungle safaris and nature trails.

8. Tibetan Market: Indulge in shopping for Tibetan handicrafts, clothing, and accessories in this vibrant market.

9. Tapovan Temple: Visit the ancient Tapovan Temple, surrounded by serene Himalayan landscapes and known for its spiritual significance.

10. Clock Tower: Experience the charm of Dehradun at the Clock Tower, a historic landmark and bustling center of the city.

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