Meghalaya: A Journey to Heaven, Guided by the Heart 

Shillong's Rhythmic Rain: Shillong, known as the Scotland of the East, where the heart dances to the rhythm of the rain amid lush landscapes. 2

Cherrapunji's Cloud Embrace: Cherrapunji, where I stood amidst clouds embracing the earth, experiencing nature's intimate touch.

Dawki's Crystal Serenity: Dawki's Umngot River, crystal-clear like a soul's reflection, offered moments of pure serenity.

Mawlynnong's Living Bridges: In Mawlynnong, I marveled at the Khasi tribe's wisdom, walking on living root bridges they nurtured for generations.

Nohkalikai's Roaring Whispers: At Nohkalikai Falls, the earth roared in its highest plunge, whispering nature's secrets.

Living Root Bridges' History: Walking on paths woven by generations, I felt connected to the land's history through living root bridges.

Double Decker Wonder: The Double Decker Living Root Bridge, an architectural marvel, mirrored my sense of wonder.

Meghalaya's Culinary Delights: Every bite of Meghalaya's cuisine was a taste of culture, history, and the warmth of its people.

Village Encounters: Meeting the Khasi tribe in local villages, I discovered the heart of Meghalaya in their smiles and hospitality.

An Emotional Journey: Meghalaya, where heaven touches Earth, became more than a destination; it transformed into an emotional journey etched deep in my heart.

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