How To Use Google Keyword Planner

Access the Tool: Sign in to your Google Ads account or create one to access the Google Keyword Planner.

Choose Keyword Research: Select "Discover new keywords" or "Get search volume and forecasts" depending on your needs.

 Enter Keywords or URL: Input relevant keywords or your website URL to generate keyword ideas.

Refine Your Search: Filter results by location, language, date range, and more to target your audience precisely.

Analyze Keyword Ideas: Explore suggested keywords, search volumes, competition, and bid estimates.

Get Historical Data: View historical search volume trends for better insights.

Create Keyword Lists: Group keywords into relevant lists for easy organization.

Review Forecasts: Estimate clicks, impressions, and costs for potential keywords.

Get New Keyword Ideas: Discover related keywords and phrases to expand your reach.

Export and Implement: Download your selected keywords to use in your content and SEO strategy.

Using Google Keyword Planner, you'll unlock the power of valuable keywords to soar in the online realm!

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