How to Sell Canva Templates and Make Over $1,000 / Month 

Choose Your Passion: Start by selecting a niche that genuinely interests you.

Craft Unique Templates: Pour your heart into designing templates that you're proud of.

Know Your Audience: Understand the needs of the people who will use your templates.

Fair Pricing: Price your templates reasonably to attract buyers while valuing your work.

Online Storefront: Create a welcoming online store where your templates shine.

Spread the Word: Share your journey and templates on social media, building connections along the way.

Responsive Support: Offer top-notch customer service to help buyers with their design projects.

Stay Fresh: Keep your templates updated and in line with current design trends.

Customer Stories: Showcase how your templates have benefited users, fostering trust.

Expand Your Horizons: Diversify your template range to cater to a broader audience.

Persistence Pays Off: Remember, success may not happen overnight, but your dedication will lead to steady growth.

Selling Canva templates isn't just about profits; it's a journey of creativity and connection with a thriving community of designers.

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