How to Keep your Adsense Account Safe from Banned

Quality Content: Create original, valuable, and engaging content that follows community guidelines.

Ad Placement: Ensure ads are placed naturally and not designed to deceive users.

Avoid Click Fraud: Don't click on your own ads, encourage clicks, or use automated methods.

Ad Labeling: Clearly label ads as "Advertisement" to avoid misleading users.

Content Policies: Follow Google's content policies, avoiding prohibited content.

Traffic Sources: Don't use illegitimate traffic sources or engage in click-exchange programs.

Ad Density: Maintain a balanced ratio of content to ads to avoid overwhelming users.

User Experience: Prioritize a positive user experience with easy navigation and fast loading times.

Mobile Compatibility: Ensure your site and ads are optimized for mobile devices.

Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on your site's traffic sources, ad placements, and click patterns.

By adhering to these practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of getting your AdSense account banned and maintain a safe and profitable ad revenue stream.

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