How to Generate SBI ATM PIN

Visit the Nearest SBI ATM: Locate the nearest SBI ATM branch and visit it.

Insert Your Card: Insert your SBI debit card into the ATM machine.

Choose Language: Select your preferred language from the options displayed.

Enter Your Account Number: Key in your 15-digit account number accurately.

Select "PIN Generation": Choose the "PIN Generation" option from the menu.

Enter OTP: An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it when prompted.

Choose New PIN: Now, you can set your desired 4-digit ATM PIN.

 Confirm Your PIN: Re-enter the 4-digit PIN to confirm.

Success Message: Upon successful generation, you'll receive a confirmation message.

Change PIN Regularly: For security, change your ATM PIN regularly.

Don't Share Your PIN: Never share your ATM PIN with anyone.

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