1. Assessing the existing content on your website 2.  Identifying low-value or thin content page

Conduct a Content Audit

1. Enhancing the value and relevance of existing content 2. Conducting thorough research and providing accurate information 3. Adding multimedia elements such as images, videos, and infographic

Improve Content Quality

1. Understanding the search intent behind user querie 2. Creating content that precisely addresses user needs and querie 3. Incorporating relevant keywords naturally and strategically

Focus on User Intent

1. Writing in a conversational and engaging tone 2. Breaking down content into readable paragraphs and section 3. Utilizing subheadings, bullet points, and numbered list

Enhance Readability and Formatting

1. Improving website performance and loading speed 2. Compressing images, minifying CSS and JavaScript file 3. Enabling browser caching and utilizing content delivery networks 

Optimize Page Loading Speed

1. Conducting keyword research and utilizing relevant keyword 2. Optimizing meta tags, titles, and description 3. Incorporating internal and external links for better navigation and credibility

Implement On-Page SEO Technique

1. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and responsive 2. Optimizing content and design for different screen size 3. Testing website performance on various mobile device

Enhance Mobile Responsivene

1. Adding interactive elements such as comments, polls, and quizze 2. Responding to user comments and feedback promptly 3. Encouraging social sharing and discussion

Encourage User Engagement

1. Optimizing ad placement for better visibility and user experience 2. Experimenting with different ad formats and size 3. Ensuring ads are not intrusive or overwhelming to user

Improve Ad Placement and Design

1. Tracking website performance and user engagement metric 2. Analyzing AdSense reports and identifying areas for improvement 3. Making data-driven decisions to optimize content and ad performance

Monitor Performance and Analytic

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