How did Dubai transform from a desert to a global metropolis 

Dubai's transformation from a desert to a global metropolis occurred through several key factors.

Visionary Leadership: Forward-thinking leaders had a clear vision for Dubai's development and implemented long-term strategies.

Oil Revenue: The discovery of oil in the 1960s provided substantial funding for infrastructure and economic diversification.

Strategic Location: Dubai's strategic location as a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa made it a vital trade and travel hub.

Business-Friendly Policies: Pro-business policies attracted international investors and corporations to set up operations.

Infrastructure Development: Significant investments were made in world-class infrastructure, including airports, ports, and roads.

Tourism and Real Estate: Dubai's ambitious tourism initiatives and iconic real estate projects attracted global attention and visitors.

Free Zones: Establishment of free zones encouraged foreign businesses and boosted trade and investment.

Diversification: Dubai proactively diversified its economy beyond oil, focusing on finance, tourism, and services.

Expo 2020: Hosting the Expo 2020 event further accelerated development and global recognition.

Openness to Innovation: Dubai embraced technological advancements and innovation to stay at the forefront of progress.

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