Hidden Gems of Bikaner: Unveiling Offbeat Treasures 

Karni Mata Temple: Visit the Rat Temple, where rats are revered and believed to be sacred.

Devi Kund Sagar: Explore this royal crematorium with intricately carved cenotaphs and historical significance.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary: Experience a unique blend of desert and wetland ecosystems with diverse wildlife.

Lalgarh Museum: Discover a rich collection of artifacts and exhibits showcasing Bikaner's history and culture.

Shri Laxminath Temple: Enjoy the serene ambiance of this ancient temple, a lesser-known gem in Bikaner.

Junagarh Fort's Secret Tunnels: Uncover the hidden tunnels and passages within the impressive Junagarh Fort.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum: Marvel at a diverse assortment of art, history, and weaponry from the region.

Gajner Palace: Take a step back in time by exploring this lakeside palace with stunning architecture.

National Research Centre on Camel: Learn about the importance of camels in the desert ecosystem and rural life.

Bhandasar Jain Temple: Admire the ornate and vibrant frescoes that adorn this ancient Jain temple.

These unique places will add a different dimension to your Bikaner experience.

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