Hampi's Delights: 10 Experiences for 2023 

Virupaksha Temple: Explore the ancient, UNESCO-listed temple complex.

Hiking Matanga Hill: Witness breathtaking sunrise views over Hampi's ruins.

Vittala Temple: Marvel at the intricate stone chariot and musical pillars.

Coracle Ride on Tungabhadra River: Enjoy a scenic boat ride.

Hemakuta Hill Sunset: Admire the sun setting over Hampi's iconic boulders.

Elephant Stables: Discover the grandeur of historic elephant quarters.

Anegundi Village: Immerse in local culture and heritage.

Badami Caves Day Trip: Visit nearby rock-cut temples and carvings.

Sanapur Lake Cliff Jumping: Enjoy adrenaline-pumping leaps into clear water.

Sunset at Hampi Bazaar: Experience the magical atmosphere of dusk.

Embark on a journey through time and culture in Hampi in 2023!

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