Enjoy the Best Paragliding Experience in India 2023

Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh: A Skyward Symphony: Feel the thrill of soaring through the skies in Bir Billing, where the Himalayas provide a majestic backdrop to your paragliding adventure.

Kamshet, Maharashtra:Wings Over Western Ghats: Experience the joy of paragliding in Kamshet, surrounded by rolling hills and tranquil lakes—a perfect escape for Mumbai and Pune dwellers.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh:Above the Valley: Lift off from Manali and glide above the valley, where the air is crisp, and the snow-capped peaks create a breathtaking panorama.

Nandi Hills, Karnataka: Breezy Bliss: Take to the skies over Nandi Hills, a short retreat from Bangalore, and relish the thrill of paragliding with stunning views in every direction.

Pawna Lake, Maharashtra: Aerial Tranquility: Paraglide over Pawna Lake near Lonavala, where the waters below and the open skies above offer a unique blend of excitement and serenity.

Panchgani, Maharashtra: Suspended Serenity: Glide over Panchgani's Table Land, capturing the scenic beauty from above—an adventure that blends exhilaration with the calm of the hills.

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand:Himalayan Horizon: Let the Himalayan peaks be your companions as you paraglide in Ranikhet, where the landscape below unfolds like a living tapestry.

Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh: Snowy Sojourn: Feel the rush of paragliding in Solang Valley, surrounded by snow-covered landscapes that add a touch of magic to your high-flying escapade.

Vagamon, Kerala:Kerala's Canvas: Glide over the lush greenery of Vagamon and witness Kerala's beauty from the skies—an experience that elevates your senses and soothes the soul.

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu:Southern Elevation: Discover the joy of paragliding in Yelagiri, a hidden gem in Tamil Nadu, where the skies unfold stories, and the landscapes below welcome you with open arms.

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