Kavach Tech - India’s indigenous automatic train protection system

1. Kavach Technology: A cutting-edge safety system implemented in trains for enhanced security and passenger protection.

2. Real-time Monitoring: Kavach utilizes advanced sensors and surveillance cameras to monitor train compartments and identify potential threats.

3. Intelligent Alarms: The system is equipped with intelligent alarms that instantly alert authorities in case of emergencies or suspicious activities.

4. Emergency Response: Kavach enables prompt emergency response by providing direct communication with onboard security personnel and control centers.

5. Fire and Smoke Detection: The technology includes fire and smoke detectors, ensuring early detection and swift action to prevent accidents.

6. GPS Tracking: Kavach uses GPS tracking to monitor train movements and assist in location-based emergency response.

7. Integrated Communication: The system facilitates seamless communication between passengers, train staff, and security personnel for immediate assistance.

8. Crowd Management: Kavach helps in managing crowd flow and prevents overcrowding, ensuring passenger safety and comfort.

9. Anti-Theft Measures: The technology includes anti-theft features to safeguard passengers' belongings and deter theft incidents.

10. Surveillance Analytics: Kavach utilizes advanced analytics to analyze surveillance data, enabling proactive security measures and threat assessment.

11. Passenger Safety Awareness: The implementation of Kavach promotes passenger safety awareness through informative campaigns and training programs.

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