Crafting Your Perfect Kashmir Holiday: Highlights & Expectations 

Srinagar: Captivating Start  Dal Lake shikara rides and houseboats.  Mughal Gardens' lush charm.  Vibrant old city, markets, and local cuisine.

Gulmarg: Winter Wonderland Snowy adventures, skiing, and gondola rides. Pristine landscapes and pine-covered hills. Tranquility and stunning mountain vistas.

Pahalgam: Nature's Haven Lidder River beauty and riverside relaxation. Betaab Valley's lush meadows and charm. Trekking, pony rides, and outdoor serenity.

Sonamarg: Meadow of Gold  Enchanting landscapes, Thajiwas Glacier. Trekking, camping, and nature's grandeur.  Serene vistas and alpine beauty.

Local Culture & Cuisine Warm Kashmiri hospitality and local experiences. Delectable Wazwan cuisine, saffron, and handicrafts. Interact with locals and embrace their rich heritage.

Expectation  Majestic Himalayan landscapes at every turn. Chilly weather, especially during winter. – Breathtaking views, photography opportunities.  A mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

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