City Gems of India: 10 Must-Visit Urban Escapes

Delhi: A historical rollercoaster with Mughal marvels and bustling bazaars.

Mumbai: Bollywood dreams and the Gateway of India beckon you.

Jaipur: A pink-hued fairy tale of majestic palaces and royal elephants.

Bengaluru: Tradition meets tech in India's Silicon Valley.

Kolkata: Colonial charm, Victoria Memorial, and sweet delights.

Chennai: Coastal bliss, Marina Beach, and ancient temples.

Hyderabad: Biryani delights and the iconic Charminar.

Ahmedabad: Architectural wonders and cultural diversity.

Pune: Youthful vibe, educational hub, and savory street food.

Kochi: Backwater tranquility and the enchantment of Kerala's culture.

Enthralling Escapades at Mini Kashmir – Pithoragarh 

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