Check out These Top 10 Places To Visit In Karnataka This New Year

Bangalore: Dive into the heart of the city, feel the buzz of activity, and let the vibrant energy of Bangalore set the tone for your New Year. 

Mysuru (Mysore): Walk through the gates of Mysuru Palace, where history whispers in every corridor, and the cultural richness of the city invites you to celebrate the coming year. 

Coorg: Find solace in the green embrace of Coorg, where the aroma of coffee plantations, the gushing Abbey Falls, and the misty landscapes create a perfect canvas for new beginnings. 

Hampi: Time-travel through the ancient ruins of Hampi, where every stone tells a story, and the echoes of the past invite you to reflect on the journey ahead.

Gokarna: Let the rhythm of the waves at Om Beach be the soundtrack to your New Year's getaway, where sunsets are a celebration of nature's beauty. 

Badami: Feel the ancient stones speak to you in Badami, a treasure trove of rock-cut caves and architectural marvels that transport you to another era.

Hassan (Belur-Halebid): Marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship of the Hoysala temples in Belur and Halebid, where each sculpture is a testament to human creativity and devotion.

Bandipur National Park: Connect with nature in Bandipur, where the rustle of leaves and the call of the wild beckon you on a safari, promising encounters with the beauty of the animal kingdom. 

Udupi: Experience the spiritual essence of Udupi, where the Krishna Temple's sanctity resonates, and the coastal charm invites you to unwind on sandy shores. 

Chikmagalur: Stand atop Mullayanagiri Peak in Chikmagalur, where the cool breeze carries promises of a refreshing start, and the lush hills unfold panoramas that spark a sense of adventure.

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