9 Useful Websites You Never Knew About 

A Soft Murmur: Create personalized ambient sounds for relaxation, focus, or sleep. 

Radio Garden: Explore live radio stations from around the world by simply rotating a globe.

Uncontacted Tribes: Learn about uncontacted tribes through photos, stories, and interactive maps.

The Useless Web: Click a button to be taken to a random, quirky, and utterly useless website.

Sporcle: Test your knowledge with a wide range of fun and challenging quizzes and trivia.

Noisli: Generate background noise such as rain, coffee shop sounds, and more to boost productivity.

This to That: Quickly find out which type of adhesive is best for sticking one material to another.

Coffitivity: Enjoy the ambient sounds of a coffee shop to enhance your focus and creativity.

Window Swap: View short video clips of different views from people's windows around the world.

These lesser-known websites can provide unique experiences, entertainment, and useful tools that you might not have come across before.

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