9 Signs of Cheating You Might Not Have Noticed 

1. Altered Communication Patterns: Increased secrecy, frequent texting, or decreased responsiveness.

2. Emotional Distance and Detachment: Lack of interest in shared activities or decreased affection.

4. Unexplained Absences and Excuses: Unaccounted time gaps or consistent justifications for being away.

5. Excessive Privacy and Guarded Behavior: Heightened secrecy, password changes, or reluctance to share information.

6. Change in Appearance and Grooming: Sudden and significant changes in looks or fashion choices.

7. Unusual Financial Transactions: Unexplained expenses, secretive financial activities, or irregularities in joint accounts.

8. Decreased Sexual Intimacy: Noticeable decline in desire, frequency, or introduction of new preferences.

9. Increased Defensiveness and Accusations: Overly defensive behavior, baseless accusations, or deflecting conversations.

10. Intuition and Gut Feeling: Trusting your instincts when something feels amiss without a clear explanation.

Being aware of these subtle signs can help you identify potential infidelity and address concerns within your relationship. 

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