9 Psychological Tricks to Attract People and Increase Likability 

Active Listening: Show genuine interest in others by actively listening to what they say. Maintain eye contact, nod, and respond appropriately to make them feel valued and understood.

Smile Warmly: A warm and genuine smile can work wonders in creating a positive and approachable impression. Smiling makes you more likable and encourages others to engage with you.

 Use Names: Addressing people by their names makes interactions more personalized and fosters a sense of connection and familiarity.

 Compliment Sincerely: Offer sincere compliments to others. Acknowledging their efforts or achievements boosts their self-esteem and enhances your likability.

Find Common Interests: Discover shared interests or hobbies with others. Building common ground helps in forming stronger bonds and facilitates smooth conversations.

Mirror Body Language: Subtly mirror the body language of the person you're talking to. This non-verbal synchronization can create a sense of rapport and comfort.

Practice Empathy: Understand and empathize with others' feelings and perspectives. Being empathetic makes you more relatable and compassionate.

Share Vulnerabilities: Opening up about your own vulnerabilities or challenges can make you appear more human and approachable, encouraging others to do the same.

Be Positive: Maintain a positive attitude and focus on the brighter side of things. Positivity is infectious and draws people towards you.

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