12 ways to manage your phone

Set Limits: Establish boundaries for phone usage and stick to designated screen-free times.

Turn Off Notifications: Minimize distractions by disabling unnecessary app notifications.

Use Airplane Mode: Utilize airplane mode during focused tasks or before bedtime to reduce interruptions.

Prioritize Calls: Filter incoming calls and respond to urgent ones, reducing unnecessary interruptions.

App Usage Tracker: Monitor app usage to become aware of time spent on different apps.

Create Phone-Free Zones: Designate certain areas (e.g., bedrooms, dining tables) as phone-free zones.

Disable Auto-Play: Turn off auto-play on videos to control content consumption.

Take Breaks: Incorporate short breaks from your phone throughout the day for mental refreshment.

Practice Mindful Usage: Be aware of your phone usage patterns and its impact on your well-being.

Digital Detox: Plan periodic digital detoxes to disconnect and rejuvenate.

Turn off Before Bed: Avoid screen exposure before bedtime for better sleep quality.

Set App Time Limits: Use phone settings or apps to set time limits for specific apps to manage usage.

By implementing these strategies, you can strike a healthier balance with your phone, staying connected while maintaining focus on other aspects of life.

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