12 Unnecessary Windows Programs and Apps You Should Uninstall 

Candy Crush Saga: Pre-installed game consuming system resources. 

Microsoft Office Trial: Trial version taking up space if not needed.

OneNote: Replaced by the Microsoft Store version in Windows 10.

Groove Music: Replaced by Windows Media Player or other media apps.

3D Viewer: Unused app for viewing 3D models.

Skype: If not used, uninstall for better system performance.

Xbox Game Bar: Disable if not into gaming and screen recording.

People: Unused contact management app.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Pre-installed game using storage space.

Weather: Better to use browser or a dedicated weather app.

Get Office: Promotional app offering Office 365, uninstall if not interested.

Tips: Microsoft's tips and tricks app, remove for a clutter-free system.

Uninstalling these unnecessary programs and apps can free up space and streamline your Windows experience.

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