12 Under-Appreciated Destinations To Travel In India

Bundi, Rajasthan: Walk through the narrow lanes of Bundi, where every step is a journey through history. Engage with locals in bustling bazaars and marvel at the artwork that adorns the city.

Dholavira, Gujarat: Explore the remnants of an ancient civilization in Dholavira. Feel the whispers of a bygone era as you trace the steps of those who lived here centuries ago.

Gokarna, Karnataka: Find serenity in Gokarna's beaches, where the waves tell stories of quiet moments and the Mahabaleshwar Temple echoes with centuries of prayers.

Hemis, Ladakh: Step into the peaceful courtyard of Hemis Monastery. Let the monks' chants and the mountain breeze create a moment of introspection.

Chettinad, Tamil Nadu: Immerse yourself in Chettinad's unique culture. Share a meal with locals, taste the spices that define the region, and feel the warmth of Chettiar hospitality.

Kurseong, West Bengal: Take a leisurely stroll through Kurseong's tea gardens. Engage in conversations with the locals, and let the aroma of fresh tea leaves linger in the air.

Patan, Gujarat: Stand before the intricate stepwell of Rani Ki Vav. Feel the coolness of its ancient stones and appreciate the artistry that once served both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Chikhaldara, Maharashtra: Find solace in the tranquility of Chikhaldara. Whether it's a quiet boat ride on the lakes or a moment of reflection on a scenic viewpoint, let nature touch your soul.

Lepchajagat, West Bengal: Wake up to the first light on Kanchenjunga. Share stories with the locals in Lepchajagat and feel the mountains weave their magic around you.

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh: Wander through Mandu's historic structures. Touch the ancient stones of Jahaz Mahal and let the tales of romance and valor resonate within you.

Chopta, Uttarakhand: Hike through the meadows of Chopta. Feel the earth beneath your feet and let the panoramic views of the Himalayas remind you of the grandeur of nature.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: Explore Tawang's monasteries and remote landscapes. Connect with the locals, share smiles, and feel the warmth that transcends language.

These under-appreciated destinations not only offer unique experiences but also allow you to connect with the heart and soul of India.

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